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List of Sermons

2017 Sermons

January 2017

G.A.P (Give, Act, Pray) Part 1

G.A.P (Give, Act, Pray) Part 2

G.A.P (Give, Act, Pray) Part 3

G.A.P (Give, Act, Pray) Part 4


February 2017

WordFest 2017

The Excellence of the Gospel

The Excellence of Thanksgiving


March 2017

Understanding Leadership (KingsWord Training Institute)

Dynamics of Leadership (KingsWord Training Institute)

Dynamics of Character (KingsWord Training Institute)


April 2017

Precepts and Principles of Financial Increase Part 1 (KingsWord Training Institute)

Precepts and Principles of Financial Increase Part 2 (KingsWord Training Institute)

Jesus: An Easter celebration of the Living Saviour

Manifesting Jesus

Victory Over sin


May 2017

Maintaining Good Works

The Blessing (Part 1)

The Blessing (Part2)


June 2017

The Blessing (Part3)

The Blessing (Part 4)

The Blessing (Part 5)

The Blessing (Part 6)


July 2017

Dream Again (Part 1)

Dream Again (Part 2)

Dream Again (Part 3)

Dream Again (Part 4)


August 2017

Dream Again (Part 5)

Faith that Works (Part 1)

Faith that Works (Part 2)

Faith that Works (Part 3)


Sept 2017

Faith that Works (Part 4)

Turning Contrary Situations around (Part 1)


Oct 2017

Turning Contrary Situations Around (part 2)

Turning Contrary Situations Around (part 3)

Turning Contrary Situations Around (part 4)

Turning Contrary Situations Around (part 5)

Turning Contrary Situations Around (part 6)


Nov 2017

Laws of Greatness

The Law of Association

Law of Faithfulness


Dec 2017

Crossover Service 2018