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Kingsword London | Have you got Credit?
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Have you got Credit?

08 Feb Have you got Credit?

Have you Got Credit?

That’s a common phrase irrespective of who you are, where you live, your economic status or the colour of your skin.

Credit is an enabler as we navigate through the different turns and concourses of life and walk through the valleys and sometimes climbing the hills and mountains all at the same time.

Being in credit rather than debit enables us to pay bills, travel around on trains, buses and in our cars as well as in the air. It enables us to buy gifts for people and loved ones (especially during Christmas), and the list goes on and on. Credit definitely is an Enabler in life as well as through life.

But the real thought here is, have you Got the real CREDIT from which all other credits take their source? It’s called the Credit of Faith.

Yes, The Credit of Faith.

Our father, Abraham believed God and his faith was credited. This was as a result of fellowship – spending time with God.

“Do not sacrifice your fellowship with God on the alter of busyness”. It’s not worth it. It’s never been worth it.

You need your faith credit to make payments, purchases and withdrawals in life. Fellowship with your Father God so your faith can be credited and you are good to go, equipped for life and living the
victorious life.

So, Have You Got Credit, Faith Credit?

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