Welcome To Men’s Group

The purpose of the Kingsword Men’s group is to get the guys together for fun and discussions; have a great time, and challenge one another in our walk with God. We seek to inspire one another to live life to the full while maintaining perfect balance and imparting our families, workplaces and local communities for the better.

Welcome To Sisters 4 Life

Every lady in KingsWord London loves life, her family and above all God. She learns to discover herself while being single or married; celebrating others and sharing in their joys and challenges. She draws her strength from God and rests in His grace to manage all areas of life; showing the world how to live their best. If you are a lady in our church we are Sisters for Life!

Welcome To Explore (Ages 16-19)

Our teenagers will be willing to explore the fullness of God and His options for their individual lives. Not ordinary but extraordinary teenagers having personal encounters, experiences and adventures with God.