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Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect groups are a key part of really getting into the Kingsword London family. God set the solitary in families, and we believe everyone can be part of a small group. God expects us to experience life with other people.

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Our connect groups are a small community of people who love each other and gather each week in homes, social locations, or online. In the groups we hang out, encourage each other, share testimonies of God’s goodness, reach out to people from all works of life, discuss the sermon, study the Word, and pray together.


You don’t have to develop in your relationship with God on your own, you can always connect with someone through the connect groups. The meetings are the highlight of a person’s week.


We presently have 5 Connect group locations:


  • Lighthouse Connect Group
  • Kainos Connect Group
  • The Lord’s Garden Connect Group
  • Koinonia Connect Group
  • Olive Connect Group


If you’re not involved in a group yet pick the location most suited to your needs or look to discuss starting a connect group closer to your location.